Drunk Driving

First of all I would like to mention two happenings of this month:

  1. Banning of sale of liquor within 500 metres of highways by the honourable Supreme Court of India w.e.f. 1st April 2017.
  2. Release of a video song on youtube by the name Mera Highway Star Video Song | Tulsi Kumar & Khushali Kumar | Raftaar. This video was published on 8th April 2017.

Now you must be thinking that how these two events are related. Those who have listened to this song might have guessed by now what I intend to say through this blog. I am quoting a stanza from the lyrics of this song,

“Thodi boht liquor chadha ke
Unchi unchi speaker baja ke
Mera highway star
Mera highway star”

Yes these lines are openly promoting drunk driving on highways. Now what I intend to say is that if the Supreme Court really wants to check drunk driving, it should put a check on these types of songs which are gaining mainstream acceptance in the popular culture. You are banning sale of liquor within 500 metres of highways and at the same time these types of songs are openly promoting drunk driving. In my opinion the best way to curb this menace of drunk driving is spreading awareness among the public and strict patrolling by the police. Putting blanket bans will hardly help solve the problem because those who intend to drink and drive will find some ways. Drunkards won’t mind taking a detour of a kilometre or two for their share of liquor. The problem is that drunk driving is being promoted as a thrilling adventure in the popular culture. This needs to stop now. Banning these types of songs might help more rather than banning sale of liquor which has evidently led to losses of businesses and jobs for the common man and loss of revenue for the government.

P.S.- I am not attaching the link to the aforesaid video in this blog as I don’t intend to promote the song.



The transformed TIGER

What did you get from the title, are you thinking of the animal tiger or you have paid attention to the timing of the blog. Sorry if you thought of this as a blog on tiger – the animal, you are wrong. Others who have paid attention to the timing of the blog might have guessed, at least by now you must have. Yes you got it right, I am indeed talking about the bollywood actor Tiger Shroff. Yesterday the official trailer of Baaghi was released. If you haven’t  watched it yet, you can visit the following link:

Apart from the regular love story which most of the Bollywood films have, it has got that Chinese touch of marshal art training. But the thing which will grab your immediate attention is that this time our tiger has grown some whiskers also. Yes Mr. Tiger Shroff has taken all those memes about his lack of facial hair sincerely and has tried to transform his look. I would appreciate Mr. Tiger Shroff for this as it shows that he takes the opinions of the viewers seriously. This is indeed a good thing. Way to go Mr. Shroff. Keep bettering yourself.

This is from a fan…..not really, but I have watched Heropanti.


Today yet another song “MANALI TRANCE” of the upcoming Bollywood movie “The Shaukeens” has been uploaded on the youtube and what it is about? ’ MARIJUANA’! Yes the lyrics of the song suggest so, something which is illegal in India. The previous song of this movie was “ALCOHOLIC” which focused primarily on alcohol. Looking at these two songs I think this movie has been made solely for the purpose of advertising alcohol, marijuana and related stuffs because open advertisement of these products is not allowed. How can a song promoting something illegal can be passed by the censor board?

Lately bollywood movies have become more of an elongated commercial advertisement and the products which are being advertised are chiefly alcohol and related products. You can consider examples of some other songs like “CHAAR BOTAL VODKA”, “JOHNNY JOHNNY” which came recently. They were also meant mainly to promote alcohol.

With Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India who banned alcohol in his home state ‘Gujarat’ while he was the chief minister of the state it is really shocking that a song promoting illegal stuffs like marijuana is being released. If the government has no problem in the promotion of marijuana then why ban it at first hand, declare it legal, let a marijuana industry open up and prosper, open the gateway to drugs.

My Nightmare Job

Talking of my nightmare job that is a job which I can’t perform even in my dreams. Out of the many jobs one that I particularly can’t bear doing is the job of a gatekeeper. I find the job of a gatekeeper dull and utterly boring. You really don’t have much to do even though the responsibility of the security of the whole building lies on your shoulders. You don’t even have a companion to talk to. Every human being has a desire to express, how can someone just suppress that desire for the whole day. It’s a really difficult task. Moreover you can’t even do something else of your choice like reading newspapers, magazines, novels or playing video games and other stuffs like this. You need to remain vigilant all the time with your back straight and eyes wide open. Relaxing is neglecting your duty which you ought not to do.

This prompt was generated here.



ALS ice bucket challenge is the latest viral stuff on the net. I guess almost all of you must have watched these videos. More and more people especially celebrities are taking up this challenge and are coming up with their videos. Many of us even those who took up this challenge really don’t know what all this is really about. Let us have a brief look on what this is all about.

What is ALS?

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It’s a disease affecting the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. It causes progressive degeneration of the motor neurons which control muscle movement. Due to their degeneration they are no longer able to send impulses to the muscle fibers which are responsible for movement. When muscles no longer receive messages from the motor neurons, they begin to shrink. Dead motor neurons make the brain lose its ability to initiate and control muscle movement, affecting the action of voluntary muscles which could lead to total paralysis.

Cause and Cure

The cause of ALS is not yet known for sure however it is said to have some genetic links. Talking of cure no definite cure has yet been identified however the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of riluzole, which is believed to reduce damage to motor neurons. This drug prolongs survival by several months, but does not repair already-damaged motor neurons.

Origin of this challenge

The ALS reference in ice bucket challenge videos reportedly began in a video posted on July 15, 2014 by golfer Chris Kennedy. He tagged and challenged his cousin in New York, whose husband has had ALS for 11 years. The feeling of ice-cold water over the body is said to be similar to the numbing effect of ALS.

How this has helped the cause?

The ALS Association in the US has reportedly received $41.8 million in donations between July 29 and August 21, 2014. This is a big jump compared to just $2.1 million received during the same time period last year.

The critical view

The hype which is being created by this ALS ice bucket challenge is too much. Every other celebrity is taking up this challenge but the point is that are they really concerned for this cause. There are many other grim issues in the world but no one is taking up an ice bucket challenge for those. Actually it is in the trend so people are going for it. Many people taking up this challenge may not be able to tell what ALS is. This is what many critics of the ALS ice bucket challenge are saying. They are giving points like the amount of water wasted etc.

 But even after these shortcomings we can’t deny the fact that it has really helped the ALS cause. The idea of this ice bucket challenge is really innovative and such type of ideas must be brought forward for other serious causes also.



Clouds are falling from heaven

To lessen our pain

To wet the dry croplands

And the endless sands


Granting our prayer

O! The Almighty Dear

Rain befalls us

And the merry octopus


Joy spreads all around

Greenery covers the earth round

Birds sing at a higher pitch

While kids dance in a ditch


But the lightning thunders

Proves to be the murderers

It’s a symbol of nature’s power

Showing man that he is lower



And the fatal flood

Takes lives without blood

Drowning man and lands

Except the endless sands


Rain when in excess

Creates a mess

And when is scarce

Conditions get really worse



In an IPL match when Chris Gayle hit a smashing 175 runs off 66 balls, a joke became quite popular on facebook which is, “When a man rapes another man, he is called Gay, when he rapes 11 men, he is called Gayle.” This joke was liked and shared by a lot of people. The popularity of such type of jokes reveals a harsh truth about our mindset. The anti-woman thinking is deeply rooted in our minds. We take this as normal and fail to find anything wrong in it. Chris Gayle played a heroic innings and comparing his innings to raping of 11 men projects the rapist as a hero. Is a rapist hero? This is my question to the creator of the joke and to all those who liked and shared this joke or rather jibe.

Who is a rapist? Generally the rapist comes from such a socio-economic background where patriarchy and violence against women are the norm. They might have seen their fathers abusing their mothers either verbally or physically. Sexual offenders suffer from a psycho-social disorder of the mind. They are unable to control their sexual impulses and are not even deterred by the prospect of punishment. They are emotionally illiterate. They consider the woman as a toy to be played with and then thrown away.

The way of our upbringing frames our mindset. Today’s adolescents learn about sex mainly through pornography and other media where sex is shown as an act of aggression. They are not taught about the beautiful aspects of sex. Thus they grow up into men who don’t have empathy or respect for women or for the aspect of consent. Sex is beautiful only with the consent of both.

We have marital rapes too. Even a husband rapes his wife. It is a general belief that a husband has all rights to have sex with her wife since they are married. Yes of course they can have sex. But they can have sex not he can have sex. Even after marriage there should be consent of both husband and wife in having sex. Sex without consent is rape and it occurs between married couples too.

Talking of the gang rape, here the mob psychology takes over. Mobs don’t have brain. They don’t think. They just act. There is a sense of security in the members of the group, because they feel that the responsibility is diffused. Also they get each other’s sanction for the act which removes the sense of guilt from them.

Strict enforcement of laws and effective policing are undoubtedly required for checking the incidents of rape. But working at the grass root level, there is a need to educate the adolescents about sex. Sex should be presented to them as a necessary and beautiful aspect of human life rather than as an act of aggression.