Today yet another song “MANALI TRANCE” of the upcoming Bollywood movie “The Shaukeens” has been uploaded on the youtube and what it is about? ’ MARIJUANA’! Yes the lyrics of the song suggest so, something which is illegal in India. The previous song of this movie was “ALCOHOLIC” which focused primarily on alcohol. Looking at these two songs I think this movie has been made solely for the purpose of advertising alcohol, marijuana and related stuffs because open advertisement of these products is not allowed. How can a song promoting something illegal can be passed by the censor board?

Lately bollywood movies have become more of an elongated commercial advertisement and the products which are being advertised are chiefly alcohol and related products. You can consider examples of some other songs like “CHAAR BOTAL VODKA”, “JOHNNY JOHNNY” which came recently. They were also meant mainly to promote alcohol.

With Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India who banned alcohol in his home state ‘Gujarat’ while he was the chief minister of the state it is really shocking that a song promoting illegal stuffs like marijuana is being released. If the government has no problem in the promotion of marijuana then why ban it at first hand, declare it legal, let a marijuana industry open up and prosper, open the gateway to drugs.


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