The transformed TIGER

What did you get from the title, are you thinking of the animal tiger or you have paid attention to the timing of the blog. Sorry if you thought of this as a blog on tiger – the animal, you are wrong. Others who have paid attention to the timing of the blog might have guessed, at least by now you must have. Yes you got it right, I am indeed talking about the bollywood actor Tiger Shroff. Yesterday the official trailer of Baaghi was released. If you haven’t  watched it yet, you can visit the following link:

Apart from the regular love story which most of the Bollywood films have, it has got that Chinese touch of marshal art training. But the thing which will grab your immediate attention is that this time our tiger has grown some whiskers also. Yes Mr. Tiger Shroff has taken all those memes about his lack of facial hair sincerely and has tried to transform his look. I would appreciate Mr. Tiger Shroff for this as it shows that he takes the opinions of the viewers seriously. This is indeed a good thing. Way to go Mr. Shroff. Keep bettering yourself.

This is from a fan…..not really, but I have watched Heropanti.


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